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tessy-with-guitar Tessy Oragwa is a Nolllywood actress, She Studied Business Administration at the University of Lagos.  The pretty lady played the role of Sylvia in that popular Television drama series, So Wright, So Wrong, in this interview with TAYO GESINDE at a popular eatery in Lagos Island says she loves fashion but she is not a fashion freak.image
Foray into acting.
INITIALLY I wanted to read medicine but later discovered that it was not my calling because I was scared of blood. Anytime I see blood, I will cry and run away. Later, I discovered that I had passion for acting and that was what prompted me to go into acting. I joined the industry six years ago and I have featured in movies like Blind Couple, Holy Serpent, Born Again Millionaire, Billionaire’s kingdom, Original Sin, among others.Challenges.
When I started, it was not easy, one had to go for audition and at first having to face the camera wasn’t easy, I was scared but over time, I got over it.Combining academics with acting.
It has not been easy. But because it is Distance Learning, I have time for both.Video: Meet Tessy Oragwa Nollywood Actress


Description of self.
I am simple, easy going and fun to be with.

Growing up.
Growing up was good because I have disciplinarian parents. They brought me up in a Christian way, it was fun. I was born and bred in Lagos but I am from Imo State.

Definition of style.
Style is anything that makes you look gorgeous, that makes you look good and simple. The mood I am in usually determines my mode of dressing. My style is unique and simple. I love fashion but I am not a fashion-freak, I do my own stuff.

Beauty regimen.
I don’t have any beauty routine that I follow, anything that I use and is good on me, I go for it, I am not too particular about things like that. I am not the type that says oh! I must buy this beauty product or that. For my skin, I use baby cream.

Favourite perfume.
Any good perfume is good for me. I am not choosy when it comes to perfume.

Favourite designer.
Really, I don’t have a favourite designer, if I walk into a store and see a Gucci product that I like, I go for it. I buy whatever I like; I am not a designer-freak.

Fashion icon.
Rita Dominic because she dresses very well.

My make-up is usually light and simple except when I am on set and the character I am portraying has to use heavy make-up.oragwa

Choice of accessories.
Any nice accessory that complements what I am wearing, I go with it but normally, I am not an accessory person. Once I wear my earring, necklace and wrist watch, I am off.

Accessories I can’t do without.
My phones and wrist watch.

Favourite colours.
I won’t say I have a favourite colour but any colour that appeals to me, I wear.

Most expensive items in my wardrobe.
My wrist watches, shoes and bags.

Opinion on toning.
Whoever has money should go ahead and do it as long as the person is okay with it, I don’t have problem with it.
Cosmetic surgery.

I am not in for that but whoever feels okay with it should go ahead. I can’t do it.

What I will like to change about myself.

Nothing. I am okay the way I am.

Greatest asset.
My whole body but I think my gap- tooth is my unique selling point.

Tattoo or piercing.
It depends on what one likes. I can’t do tattoo because I don’t like it. I only pierced my ears, I can’t pierce my nose.

My take on provocative dressing.
It depends on where one is going to. You can’t just see someone walking on the road during the day wearing a provocative dress, no, but maybe a party. Certain outfits are meant to be worn to certain places and whatever you wear, once you are comfortable with it, it is okay.

What I won’t be caught dead wearing.
What would that be? I watch myself before I go out. I don’t know, maybe a pant and bra (laughs).

My hair and nails.

I fix my hair and paint my natural nails.

Special treat.
I go to the spa for massage or go to the beach and keep cool.

Reading, travelling, I love making new friends and learning new things.

 Diet or exercise.
I don’t diet but I do little exercise.

Secret of beauty.

 Best beauty advice I have ever received.
Never to tone or bleach.

 Advice on how to stay young and beautiful.
Watch what you eat, especially in this part of the world where what we eat mostly are starchy foods and don’t over bleach your skin, so as not to damage it. You might tone a little but not too much. Also, drink lots of water, it is good for the skin and it makes one look younger than one’s age.

Personal philosophy of life.
Life is cool and fun; make the best of it while you are at it because life is too short.

Coping with male admirers.
I just try to be polite but any one of them that wants to be rude, I know how to stop them, I just walk off.

Like and dislike.
I like honest people, I like people who are real. I dislike liars and people who are fake,  I like them to be original.

Pains and gains of celebrities.
The job gives you fame and this usually paves the way for you wherever you go. For instance, when you get to a place where you need to queue, you do not have to because you are known and as a result you are given preferential treatment. The pains? Ah!

 Most embarrassing moment.
There was this guy that used to run after me for autograph, I used to deny him but one day, he caught me where I was making my nails and walked up to me that, it is either you sign for me or I make noise. He started making noise and people were looking at us, though I didn’t have a pen, but I took the cortex and signed on his guitar. He then left me alone.

Tying the knot.
( Laughs) Soonest.

Negative press.
Of course negative things have been written about me in the papers but I do not allow it to bug me. I just keep quiet knowing it will go away with time.

 My fans.
I love them, without them there would be no me so they should keep  on praying for me, I will not disappoint them. I will keep on doing what I know how to do best.