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Biography/Profile/History Of Late Nollywood Veteran actor Mike Odiachi

13059_10205875336945522_2897329677719030133_n Popular talented actor Mike Odiachi is dead. Mike Odiachi died at the General Hospital, Ikorodu on Monday, February 15th, 2016.

Mike Odiachi hails from Asaba was married with children.  Mike Odiachi is an actor, known for Prophet of Doom (2015) and I Will Die for You Movie (2003).CRXzoUCUwAA77j_

Mike was very popular in the 80’s and featured in the popular movie Igodo. Recently, he also featured in Lekki Wives.

Read what Director Charles Novia wrote about him below:

Mike Odiachi, for those who know their theatre arts figures from over two decades back, was one fantastic actor who was so so good on stage and on screen.

He had a rich voice and was quite an interpretative actor in all the roles he played. Many of the younger generation of viewers may not know or recognise him as he wasn’t very prominent in the home video circuits from inception but found latter Nollywood fame when he played the role of a Chief in ‘Lekki Wives’ Season One.

Many would remember his fleeting role in the blockbuster period movie ‘IGODO’, where he played the beguiled son of Amadioha who was ‘set up’ by jealous urchins in the village and buried alive after he placed a blood curse on his accusers.

That role and the way he interpreted it still gives me goose pimples till today and is one of the most memorable scenes in Nollywood film history, in my opinion.
I have known Mike since 1994 right from the days of the ‘Abegi’ motley at the National Theatre and he was one cool guy to know. I cast him in a few of my movies a decade ago, ‘ Cinderella’, ‘ Job’ etc. The last time I spoke to him was about eight months ago when he called me to inform me that he was back into screen acting.
I remember sending him to Blessing Effiom Egbe, the Producer of ‘Lekki Wives’ when she called me four years ago to see if I could help her with casting for a certain character she had in mind. When she described the character to me and what she wanted, I told her straight; ‘ The best actor I think who can play that role is Mike Odiachi’.10407618_10205874432762918_3459061040334127503_n
Swiftly I got across to Mike and gave him Blessing ‘s number. She said immediately he came for a reading and opened his mouth to read, she knew he was right for the role and she was excited.
The rest is history.
So when he called me a few months back that he is back to screen acting, I promised to find him a perfect role in some of my series in pre-production.
I was shocked to learn that he passed away at the General Hospital, Ikorodu today.
Nollywood and the theatre has lost a great actor. Irreplaceable.
Written By: Director Charles Novia

The late actor was one of the best in delivering his roles which major has king or elder. He has featured in a sizable number of Nollywood movies with the prominent ‘prophet of doom’ and for his role in the acclaimed movie ‘igodo’ where he was buried alive.
11102809_10205874301359633_7991599120429351951_nMike Odiachi Mike’s demise is coming just as the industry is still mourning the demise of two bright stars, Peter Onwuzurike known as Dede one day who was of the English movie genre and Sikiru Adeshina popularly called Arakangudu who is of the Yoruba movie genre. 1508553_10205874450163353_508972380718585342_n

The late Mike Odiachi was surely one of the best in delivering his roles, which majors as King or elders in council.


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