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Gregory Artus Frank, better known as Artus Frank or Frank Artus, nicknamed Badshaah (King) of Africa, was born in Liberia on May 4, 1979. He received his education at AME University in Monrovia. He has a BSC in Human Resource Management, an Information Technology certification, and a diploma in Computer Engineering. Artus could have had a career in many capacities, but decided he would pursue his passion for acting.

INTERVIEW VIDEO: Frank Artus – Why I Left Liberia.


In 2009 Artus produced, directed, and starred in his first movie “Juetey: Children’s Business”. The movie went on to win several awards including best actor, best actress, best director, best supporting actress, best soundtrack, and best movie of the year. “Juetey: Children’s Business” was a sure sign that the award winning actor had made a good career choice. This was only the beginning. Artus was compelled to move on to the Ghallywood movie industry in Ghana where he starred in movies like ‘Who Loves Me’ along with Majid Michel and Jackie Appiah. Recognizing his immense acting talents, Nollywood was soon to follow. Artus went on to star in the thriller “Heart of a Widow” in Nigeria with the popular talented movie sweetheart Mercy Johnson. From then on the emotional stirring actor has graced many of our screens with well interpreted roles playing both the villain and the hero sometimes in the very same film such as in the movie ‘Lost in Thought’.



Artus currently resides in Ghana. His lovely wife Prima Frank who co-starred with him in the award winning movie “Juetey: Children’s Business” share three beautiful children together. Gmaqueena, Ardele, and Shahrukh are their names. Their ages are 12, 7, and 1 yr. old respectively. Ardele is following in her parents’ footsteps for acting and stars in the upcoming movie “Mary Jane” produced and directed by her father. “Mary Jane” as well as “Redd”, “Drive”, and “Silent Moment” are recent films produced by Artus Frank Movie Production Studios where Artus is the founder and CEO.



Artus is recognized and has received many awards for his contributions to the African film industry. These awards include but are not limited to the Nollywood star of the year award for the lead character in Kensteve Anuka’s ORDER OF THE RING in 2012. In addition his most recent accomplishments are: the 2015 Best Actor Award from the Liberian Entertainment Awards (LEA), the 2014 Best Actor Universal Achievement Award (UAA), and the 2014 Best Actor of the Year (Ghana) City People Award. Also, in 2014 he was nominated alongside Chiwetelu Ejiofor for Best Actor at the Nollywood African Film Critics Award (NAFCA). Artus was also selected as the Liberian representative to the Exchange and Film Corporation courtesy of the Ministry of Arts and Culture of The Republic of Cameroon in 2014. His most recent award was from the 5 Continents Awards who honored him as the Face of Africa and as an Humanitarian for 2015. Also Ghana’s City People’s has nominated him for another award this year in 2015. Stay tuned for more to come.


Although Artus is very busy with his movie career, he continues to support his community. In the heat of the EBOLA crisis, Artus gave hands on and personal assistance to help the communities of Liberia fight against the outbreak by passing out supplies such as bottles of hand sanitizer, rubber gloves, buckets and lappas. Later on Artus returned back to Liberia as the guest speaker at the Christmas Party given by the UNDP, UN agencies and the NGO for the hundreds of children orphaned due to deaths by EBOLA. Furthermore, the Artus Frank Movie Production Studio plans to produce a movie called ‘Tears of EBOLA’ in reflection of the struggles Liberia faced during the epidemic. Likewise, the Movie Production Studio also has produced a movie called “Mary Jane” which stars Artus’ daughter Ardele Frank. ‘Mary Jane’ brings awareness to the increasing problem of child trafficking that affects all communities globally. In addition, Artus proposes to create an orphanage in Liberia this year as well. Also, to continue to promote the image of Liberia, Artus is presently writing a book titled ‘What Do You Know about Liberia?’. Lastly, but certainly not least, he plans to have a Christmas party for the children in Liberia this year 2015 including the children he has recently adopted as his own.



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