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Biography/Profile/Interview Of Nollywood Actor Olumide Bakare


Veteran actor, Olumide Bakare who was popularly called back in the days as Chief Koko, a troublesome landlord in the rested TV Series, Koko Close.

Olumide Bakare the cross over artiste, who has also taken part in so many block-buster movies and soap such as Wale Adenuga’s Papa Ajasco and Company.

Olumide Bakare is blessed with 4 children namely; Olabode, who is a pastor in the United States; Oluwamayowa, a businessman in Lagos; Oluwatofunmi who is a graduate of Ekiti state University and his lovely princess, Halimat. Olumide Bakare


Yoruba Actor Olumide Bakare who has been off the movie world due to sickness which he has been battling since 2013, still smokes and womanizes.

Reveals even with his ill health,he will not stop  smoking, womanizing and drinking.  See below;

According to the 63 year old actor, he has lived with these habits since his youthful days and it will be difficult for him to just do away with them.
“I have not out-rightly stopped but I have slowed down. I don’t know how to tell lies. I still smoke and drink. I still find time to sleep with women. But the truth is that I am not doing all these things as before. And the fact still remains that I am not properly married” he told Encomium magazine
Asked if he was taking any precautions to curtail his habits, the actor said;

“Let me tell you one thing about life. God doesn’t care about habit but your heart. How clean is your heart to God and people around you? How do you sail across the ocean of your life and all that? All these are what God cares about. It is not about whether you smoke or drink. Even those who don’t smoke and drink, worse things happen to them. I am a very straight forward person I have been in all these habits for about 45 years and I want to tell you, no shaking” he said

The Ibadan, Oyo-based film maker spoke exclusively on this and much more when ENCOMIUM Weekly cornered him at an event in Lagos on Friday, May 1, 2015. He, however, admitted not doing away with smoking, drinking and womanizing totally but has only slowed down, even at 63.

What’s happening to your career at the moment?

Actually, for sometime I have been on the sick side. In fact, as at 2013/2014, I was very sick and that was published by many newspapers, magazines and even the social media. But as God would have it, I was taken to United States of America by my children and brother, a surgeon gynecologist. I went for medical treatment in the US where I stayed for a while. I came back to Nigeria in May 2014. But since then, I have not been very active.

I am still on medication. I have low blood flow into the heart, which is a very terrible disease. So, I just take things easy. And most times, my doctor would tell me, ‘Just rest, sir.’img_11681

What actually was the cause of this heart-related disease?

If I may tell you, I have been a very strong person right from my secondary school days to my days in the university. Even when I was at the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), as the landlord of Oluwalambe Lodge, Koko Close, I drank, smoked and womanized. And you know when you do all these things, the result can be negative sometimes.

But I just want to tell you, God has been so good and merciful to me. As it is right now, I am enjoying the grace of God. I still keep my normal life but most of the time, I am in the church. I go for vigil, day and night. I pray to God all the time and He has always answered my prayers. And I am very grateful to Him for that. I also want to thank all my friends that surrounded me, including Alhaji Lateef, Kunle Akinyele and others. These people have been so fantastic in my life and God is the greatest.Nollywood star Olumide Bakare, delectable actress Moyo Lawal, Muyideen Oladapo a.k.a “Lala”, Chukwudi Rozan and Bukumi Oluwashina as special guests at the launch of Viva Cinema at Palms Shopping Mall in ilorin, kwara state.


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