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Biography/Profile/History Of The Late Jaja of Opobo.


He was born Jubo Jubogho on the 25th of December, 1821.

He was sold as a slave in Bonny as a child but grew through the ranks with his aptitude for business.

He went on to establish himself as head of the Ama Pepple house.

He absorbed other Bonny Trade Houses and when a dispute occurred, he broke to form the Opobo City State.

He traded in palm oil and shipped directly to Liverpool cutting off the English middlemen. He blocked off the access of the English to the interior and this did not sit well with the English traders.

In 1887, Johnson who was the British Acting Consul for West Africa directed Jaja to allow the Europeans trader access to the interior.

Jaja refused.

By September of 1887, Johnson brought a warship named HMS Goshawk to Opobo and invited Jaja on board.

He gave Jaja the assurance that nothing will happen to him. When he went onboard, he was given two bad choices.

1. Face immediate bombardment from the British navy if he refused to give access to the interior.

2. Give himself up to be taken into exile.

Jaja chose to save Opobo and his people, he chose the exile option.

He was first sent to Accra where he was tried and later sent to the West Indies. On his return journey to Nigeria from the West Indies in 1891, he died.

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