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Biography/Profile/History Of Richest Northern Entertainer/Kannywood Actor/Muscian/Dancer “Sani Danja”



Occupation: Actor, Director, Singer
Born: April 20, 1973 in Fagge, Kano, Nigeria
Other Names: Sani Musa Abdullahi, Sani Musa Danja

Sani Danja is a household name when it comes to Kannywood and music in Northern Nigeria. Reputable for his unique costumes and Indian-style song-and-dance routines. The ‘Danja’ in his name has been with him since childhood because he’s said to be stubborn and persistentSani-Danja-Movie-scene-Kannywood

This industry maestro attended `Yan Sanda Special Primary School from 1979-1980, before he proceed to Kano Capital Primary School for the completion of his primary education in the year 1980-1985. then proceeded to Government Junior Secondary School Kawaji for his junior secondary education in the year 1985-1989, before he proceeded to Rumfa College for his senior secondary education in the year 1989-1991.

he eventually furthered to FCE Kano where he successfully barged an NCE certificate. As education magnetic as he seems, Sani quest for knowledge helped him secure admission for his Advanced Diploma in Public Administration at FCE Kano, an academic pursuit he is into since late 2004. `Sani Danja’ as he is fondly called, is one actor that never failed to delight his fans on and off the screen. The actor who has managed to establish himself as a great actor was born into a family of seven, five boys and two girls, Sani lost his father, Alhaji Musa Abdullahi sometime in his late teenage years before his mother Hajiya Risikat died in 1997.Sani-Danja

Sani steadily climbed the ladder of success armed with hard work, determination and sheer talent, natural born entertainer,a very good dancer at the early age of 12, was blessed with a sonorous voice that never seized to thrill his audience. He was an outstanding member of the `Young Kiddies Voice’ a musical children’s group that dazzled during the late eighties, `those were my most cherished moment of singing, though they were all Christians he was the only Muslim member but got along very well“, “Eventually co-singers with `YKV’ started singing as choirs, that was what led to the break-up of the group”, Sani Danja continue his music career as a solo, the first step that brought him to limelight. And he was responsible for producing one of the best selling Hausa song in the early nineties. `Yaki-taho-yaki’.Sani-Danja-RUWA-GUBA-Official-Video-Artwork

he ventured into the Hausa movie industry in 1999 with his debut movie `students’ (dalibai), a film he produced and directed alongside his business partner Yakubu Muhammad. “Alhaji Rabi’u K/Wambai called me up and said you have a gift why don’t you join the Hausa movie industry”, After the success of Students (Dalibai), then came another hit movie `Adon kishiya’ in the year 2000, came `Kwarya tabi Kwarya’, a super movie he acted alongside Jamila Haruna in the same year (2000). In the same year (2000), Sani Danja acted alongside Tahir Fagge and Kasimu Yaro in the blockbuster movie `Wasiyya’, the success of Wasiyya furnished Sani Danja with a rising sense of popularity and accomplishment. This particularly geared him to be casted in `Nagari’, a Sarauniya Films blockbuster movie, in which he acted a competitive role alongside a co-star Ali Nuhu. A film that stirred rumours that the two actors are having grudges against each other. Sani Danja who is regarded by fans as the most successful actor in the industry, claimed to have no grudge whatsoever with the star actor Ali Nuhu, “Ali is my very good friend, we got along well, there is hardly anything one of us does without consulting the other on locations, I have no problem whatsoever with him and never will”, he concluded.

A star wing of `Two Effects’, a super production company, Sani Danja is said to be a hit-promoter of any film he starred in, the actor played a lead role in the English-version of Wasila, a super hit movie produced by Lerewa Productions Kaduna, Sani Danja’s success in the industry have been widely criticised, the actor who is very straight with his works seem to give less attention to that, “Success comes with critics, people have the right to say what they want to, I don’t care, people only talk about you if you are doing well, why don’t they say these things (10) ten years ago, that is because I was not as successful as I am today”, he concluded. Sani Danja is regarded as the most sought after face in the movie industry.IMG_2549

The star actor who is also a model, he signed a contract worth millions with giant telecommunication company, `STARCOMMS’, and that was evident on billboards and posters around the nation. The actor’s contributions have been greatly acclaimed internationally. `2-Effets’ his giant production company signed some millions worth of contract with Global Health Forum, a production he managed with his close friend Yakubu Muhammad. The contract gave birth to `Jan Kunne’, an international acknowledge film on HIV/AIDS awareness. A film that was now used by over 30 countries as resource material. Sometime last year, the two Hausa movie icons (Sani Danja and Yakubu Muhammad) featured on the back page of World Street Journal with their company’s logo, a publication the peer regarded as one of their achievements. he has acted,produced and directed over 300 Hausa film which include, Manakisa, Kwarya tabi Kwarya, Jaheed, Nagari, Wasiyya, Harsashi, Gidauniya, Daham, Jarida, Matashiya, Zuga-zugi, Jan kunne, Gambizam Raga and Tsumagiya to mention a few.blogger-image-500921806 Sani Danja pictured above with his wife & Children



↓ Film Year
‘Yan Uwa ND
‘Yar Agadez 2011
A Cuci Maza 2013
Adali ND
Albashi (The Salary) 2002
Ango Da Amarya ND
Ban Ga Masoyi Ba ND
Bani Adam 2012
Binta Suga ND
Budurwa 2010
Da Kai Zan Gana 2013
Daga Allah Ne 2015
Daham 2005
Dama da Hauni ND
Dan Magori 2014
Duniyar Nan 2014
Fitattu 2013
Gani Gaka 2012
Gabar Cikin Gida 2013
Gambiza ND
Garin Dadi ND
Gurnani ND
Gwanaye 2003
Hanyar Kano 2014
Hasken Zara ND
Hawan Girma ND
Ijaabaah ND
Kukan Zaki (the Lion’s Cry) 2010
Makauniya ND
Matakin Aure ND
Mijina Sani ND
Na’imatu ND
Nageria ND
Nijeriya Da Nijar 2012
Sa’ah ND
Sabon Shafi ND
Sai Na Dawo 1,2,3 2010
Sameeha 2007
Sani Nake So 2013
Shelah ND
So Sanadi 2011
Ummi ND
Wata Shariar 2012
Wata Tafi Wata 2012
Ya Humaira ND
Yammaci ND
Zazzabi 2005

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