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Biography/Profile/Interview with Nollywood Actress Abidemi Kosoko

Abidemi-Kosoko-229x300Abidemi Kosoko Was Born into a family of actors, Abidemi Kosoko decided to follow the footsteps of her father, Prince Jide Kosoko, a veteran actor and former president of Association of Theatre Arts Practitioners (ANTP), her step mother Henrietta Kosoko and her sister, Sola Kosoko.images

In this interview with Seyi Akanbi, the graduate of Theatre Arts from Lagos State University says she wears only what looks nice on her. Excerpts:Bidemi_kosoko

Definition of style

I am not a fashion freak. I know fashion is not static, it keeps evolving everyday, and anyone who wants to follow after fashion trends won’t have a rest in life. I don’t chase what is in vogue, rather, I go for outfits that are trendy, nice and what I am comfortable in. I don’t put on anything because it is in vogue but because it looks nice on me. I know I have a good dress-sense and I love to dress cute and trendy.BIDEMI-KOSOKO

Fashion Icon

I don’t believe anyone is a fashion icon because I don’t look at anyone when making my fashion decisions. I don’t consult anybody or any book when picking my styles and I don’t think I can ever do that. But, I cannot stop wondering why some people start making references to my dressing in some movies; I always try to be courteous and polite with them because I know the importance of fans.img_8929

Favourite perfume

I cannot go out without wearing perfume. I believe I need to smell nice always. Looking good is not enough; smelling good matters too. Even when I am on set, I do wear perfume because I believe I need to smell good to my co-actors on set. I use any perfume that is nice with non-offensive fragrance.

Opinion on cosmetic surgery

I cannot go for cosmetic surgery because I am not a fashion freak.

I don’t think there is anything that I want to change in order to fit in, nothing reigns forever, so I like myself the way I am and I cherish my nature.

Opinion on n*dity

It is rubbish.

I am an African lady and I hope to settle down some day with the man of my dream. I can’t afford to let some roles I had played in the past haunt me later in life. And moreover, I come from a good home and we are well brought up. Although, as a professional, you should not have any boundary, but as an African lady, who was brought up and nurtured in a cultured environment that detests shameful acts, I do set boundaries for myself.

I always tell myself that there are so many things I must not do, not even for the sake of professionalism. One of my dreams is to have a blissful home and raise wonderful kids. So, I can never be fulfilled without having a family.

Written by Seyi Akanbi



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