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Who Is Sugar Chika? | Biography/Profile/Interview Of Nollywood actress “Sugar Chika Asoegwu”

1709142_20140916114840_jpeg0ce15f7e11ddc1bb0d23df4d16dbd664 Nollywood actress Sugar Chika Asoegwu popularly known as Tricia from the blockbuster movie Ada Mbano has said she is taking a one-year break from acting to pursue her Masters degree in the United Kingdom. 

She Was Born to a family of academics (her father is a professor while her mom is a PhD holder), Sugar is a graduate of Agricultural Economics from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO).

Sugar-Chika-Asoegwu-2She left the shores of Nigeria to further her studies: In one of the first 10 best  universities in the world for her course of study which is Masters in project management. she says I don’t want to reveal the name of the university . My elder brother got his masters degree from the United Kingdom and is presently doing his PhD   there as well” she said.

VIDEO: Sugar Chika Asoegwu Fight Over Rivals Lover In “Girls Cot Season 2 “

imageNollywood actress, Sugar Chika Asoegwu as she has just walked down the aisle.  She tied the Know the knot On January 16, 2016, with Her Heartthrob.3302998_12479191155754019790463070533057n_jpeg6b844f0d5bad00f408998ece3b92577f


The actress had her traditional marriage on the 3rd of January 2016, which took place in Nnewi town, Anambra state. 3303005_12534551178514095837958374587243n_jpeg905120b408e55dd14713be9a191e3dd4 3302999_124795051526451954320138432192060n_jpege9ab6f3a39903a88f89a4584ace5b9c9 3303002_1253074816644545404830381292715817n_jpeg9c1bad588cdbfacc9f645bf177f414c7 3302990_124075041736592506576569577593848n_jpeg9b794c73e6b9a3e7567f9db9df9f6c32Ahead of the wedding, she was so happy that her man had promise to treat her like a Queen after he got an Hummer Jeep to convey her to the church for the wedding.

Now she has completed her marriage vow in the presence of God and can now be fully addressed as Mrs Chika.image

Some Nollywood notable guests were not left out of the happy union with the likes of the Aneke Twins in attendance.


The Star of Blackberry Babes, Sugar Chika Asoegwu, When She clocked 10 years in Nollywood some years Back, she rolled out the drums to celebrate at an event which attracted close friends, family, captains of industry, top government functionaries, actors and well-wishers to Rock View Hotel, Owerri, Imo State.


In this chat with Nkechi Chima-Onyele, the indigene of Nnewi talks about life as an actress, her love life and family and the joruney so far among other issues.

How did you come into acting?

Right from childhood I’ve always loved acting. During my primary and secondary school days, I was part of the dramatic society and debating clubs at the Federal Girls’ College, Umuahia, Abia State. I started my acting career professionally after my secondary education. On a fateful day, a friend came to my house in Owerri and introduced me to the International, Christian Drama and Film Network (ICDFN). I sought for and got my parents consent so I started featuring in dramas, attending church functions and symposia. Fortunately, I was admitted into the Federal University of Technology (FUTO), Owerri in 2004. That was when a friend of mine advised that I should go beyond the Christian film network thing and join the Actors Guild of Nigeria. So I joined AGN in 2004. Ever since I’ve been actively involved in acting.

How did your parents react when you started acting romantic roles?

My parents are educated and understand what acting means. They can divorce that from the real me so they don’t have problems with my roles and this is quite encouraging. But I still maintain decency in most of my movies.

Which movie brought you to limelight?

I have featured in movies like Odudu Kingdom, Empty Promises, Marcus The Billionaire and Biggest Boys in Town. However, people started taking note of me as an actress after my role in BlackBerry Babes. It was the movie that actually brought me to the limelight. Producers and directors applauded my acting and were interested in featuring me on their flicks and ever since the scripts have not stopped coming. Last year, we had another major block buster entitled Ada Mbano, where I played lead and it’s been making a lot of waves and I feel fulfilled. I have also featured in Fake Church, Tattoo Girls, Haunted Soul, Girls Cot, Bless The King, The King’s First Son, Olanma, Chika the Native Girl, Making War, Ifunanya, The Blind Orphan, Super Models, The Origin and The Twin Swords among others.

You depicted the role of a village girl in Chika The Village Girl. How challenging was it connecting to that character?

Playing lead in Chika The Native Girl was my most challenging role ever because I played the role of a typical local village girl who was a tom boy, a fighter and a thief; Chika was the bad girl of the village and a stark illiterate. It was challenging because it was different from who I am in true life; I enjoyed playing that character.


You celebrated a decade as a Nollywood actress recently. How has the journey been so far?

It’s not been rosy. You know, climbing the ladder of success is not an easy task. There are moments you feel like quitting but the passion and sacrifices I have made keep me focused.


Young and beautiful actresses like you are prone to scandals. Tell us about your experience?

Luckily I’ve not been linked to any scandal. Maybe it’s because I don’t live in Lagos and I try to live a relatively responsible life as a public figure. I’m also very cautious and careful because my parents have been very supportive financially and emotionally. In fact, my parents would not find it funny if I dragged their name in the mud; I can never disappoint them. I want to remain an icon, a responsible actress because acting is not for vagabonds or people who are not ambitious but for people who are passionately in love with the arts.


What are those things your celebrity status has denied you?

Acting has not denied me anything in life. Rather it has built my personality. I have grown and my fans are showing me so much love. I was elated on my birthday when I viewed my facebook and twitter pages. It was like the whole world was saying happy birthday to me at the same time; it was indeed a wonderful feeling and I thank all my fans for the love.


You celebrated your birthday on February 3 in a high profile gathering in Owerri, how old are you?

Ladies don’t discuss their age but I will proudly tell you I was born on the 3rd of February and I have added another year and praying to live up to a hundred years on earth.


Was the young man standing by you on your birthday your boyfriend?

You saw a lot of young men and women at my party so I don’t know who you are talking about.


Are you saying you don’t have a boyfriend?

Assuming I have a boyfriend he would not appreciate it if I disclosed or discussed him on the pages of a newspaper; he likes his privacy. I’m a private person and so whoever I am dating should be treated as a private issue.


Are you sure he is not keeping your relationship private just because he has a cheating nature?

Well, my boyfriend is not on trial here and besides, I have not told you that I am dating anyone so if I decide to keep my private life away from the limelight, it’s my decision and not his.


Are you saying you don’t have a boyfriend at the moment?

I have not said that either.


You are a beautiful girl with a great figure. Is it that men are not looking your way?

Thanks for the compliment! Beauty is worthy of appreciation especially when you are beautiful inside and outside. Of course men admire me but that doesn’t mean I must be in a relationship and celebrate my love life in the media.


Which part of your body would you consider your selling point as an actress?

It sound very funny but it’s a difficult question to answer. But people say every parts of my body is proportionate.


Who’s your ideal man?

My ideal man is God fearing, educated, cultured, understanding, kindhearted and benevolent.


What are you working on presently?

It’s a movie I just shot in Asaba entitled Caro The Shoe Maker.


Who is Sugar Asoegwu outside Nollywood?

I’m the only daughter of Professor and Dr. Mrs. Asoegwu and I have two brothers. Aside being an actress, I also have a boutique in Abuja known as Glitz N’ Glamz.


Last year you won the Most Promising Actress award at City People Entertainment Awards. How did that award shape your acting career?

It’s a great honor for me. Indeed it’s a stepping stone. Winning the award has really helped me to get more roles. And I give God all the glory. I’ll always appreciate City People for bestowing me with such an award; looking forward to winning more awards.


10 years after, what’s your advice for up-and-coming actresses?

They should remain committed to their dreams; you must be dedicated to your work to get to the peak of your career. Living a responsible life is imperative and you must be consistent and courageous.


Where should we see you in the next five years?

By the grace of God I should have my immediate family and also should have touched so many lives positively. I’m also hoping I’d have acquired my PhD.



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