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Biography/Profile/Movies Of Kannywood Hausa Actress Rahama Sadau


Rahama Sadau is a Kannywood Hausa Movie actress. She is beautiful. She is decent. She’s your woman, your everything! Rahama Sadau hails from Kaduna State, she earned a diploma in Business Administration from KadPolymaxresdefault

Video: Rahma Sadau Takes The Purple Pledge 
Rahama Sadau Speaks In A Rceent Interview:

“My name is Rahama Sadau. My friends call me ‘Priyanka’. I was born and raised in Kaduna state. I’m a graduate of Business Administration and management…”rah

Hol’up. hol’up, hol’up. I think I have seen your face on TV. Wait O! Aren’t you an actress?
“Haha! Yes I’m. I’m an actress in the Hausa movie industry.”

Kamal S. Alkali fim
Kamal S. Alkali fim


Video: Best Actress | RAHAMA SADAU hausa

Yarwa productions

All you want for your birthday is a…
“My birthday falls at 7th December and my favorite colors are red and white. So all I want for my birthday is are beautiful flowers.”

😯 What? Just a flower? Like, seriously are you a Nigerian girl at all?
“Looooool. It’s what I want. Life is all about the simple things. And I love romance.”


As a feminist, in your own words, make a statement about the word; “Woman”.

“Woman for me is defined as a catalyst that keeps the human race active. I still believe that a nation without a woman is like a tree with no branches. Woman is strength, woman is courage, woman is love, woman is hope, woman is d future. Woman is not made to be the admiration of all, but the happiness of one.”

Ademola Olaniyan photography
Ademola Olaniyan photography

That was some poetic reply you gave though. Hehehe! What is the peak of your ambition and who are your role models?
“My role models are Tiwa Savage and Geneveive Nnaji. As moving now, I’m almost at where I wanted to be. Always dreaming of becoming a successful actress. Now I am! And all I wanted now is to be an international icon.”

The Dream Concept
The Dream Concept

An international icon? Amen! What is your beauty secret?
“When it comes to beauty, I don’t save. I just know what looks good on me and I like to maintain a certain naturalness.”

Steve Reinz Elite - The Gold Case photography
Steve Reinz Elite – The Gold Case photography

We are humbled by your appreciation. Welcome to our feminist circle! 😀
“Thank you! Lool.”

Let’s talk football, gaming, cartoons, movies, music…and MEN! 😉
Real Madrid is my team! But hey, I like Osaze Odemwingie. I love Candy Crush! I can play that game for hours! My favorite cartoon is “Barbie In The Diamond Castle” and my favorite movie is”Fifty Shades Of Grey” and…”

What??? Your favorite movie is “Fifty Shades Of Grey”? Ah! 😯 That kind of movie? Hian! Rahama sweetie, we are suspecting you O! “Hahahahahahahaha!!!” (Winks)

Steve Reinz photography
Steve Reinz photography

And the hottest Nigeria song on your phone is…?
“”Awwww” by Di’ja, it always reminds me how to love again after you have lost it.”

Rahama Sadau/Instagram
Rahama Sadau/Instagram

#MCM Who is your Celebrity crush? And who is your bestie #BFF
“My best friend Is Abba Sadau. And my My celebrity crush Is Reekado Banks.”

TURN-ON? What turns your bulb on in a man? 😉
“The beauty that lies inside him.”
AMI MANSUR photography
Watch her Featured Movie Below: Gidan Yanci – Latest 2015 Nigerian Nollywood Hausa Movie Full HD




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