Nigeria Yoruba actor Adeolu Funsho has been one of the best Yoruba movie actors in the last 2 decades, not only has he been highly sought-after by movie directors and producers.

The latest Yoruba actor is also called Funso Adeolu but he is mostly called Funsho.Funsho-Adeolu

Funsho Adeolu biography shows that the actor was born some 44 years ago in Ondo state, south western Nigeria. He is one of the few that has tried his best to free himself from scandals.

His original birth name is Funso Adeolu Adegeye. Funso Adeolu date of birth is 9th of May, 1968,Funso Adeolu age is 44, and he was born in Ondo State, South Western part of Nigeria. Funso is one actor that can conveniently switch between Yoruba and English movies.

Nigerian Actor Funso AdeoluFunsho-Adeolu2

Nigerian actor Funso Adeolu was believed to have started his movie career sometimes in 1976; in a Nollywood English movie titled “Cool red” he also appeared in one of the most popular TV series in Nigeria in the 1980s- Things fall apart, which was written by Professor Chinua Achebe.RKDzU4lE Funso has featured mostly in Yoruba movies, but he is one of the few Yoruba actors that finds it easier to act in both Yoruba and English movies. Some of the English movies that has featured Funsho Adeolu include; 419 dangerous game, Playing games 1&2, My Guy, Camouflage, and Silenced.

Funsho Adeolu Movies

Some of the popular Yoruba movies where Funso Adeolu has featured include;

  • Jesu Mushin
  • Asiri owo
  • Idoti oju
  • Iboji
  • Edunjobi 1& 2
  • Asiko mi leyi
  • Ekuro 1&2
  • Orita ipinya
  • okun ife yi
  • Iyawo asiko
  • odaju obinrin
  • Alhaji agba
  • Idamu Ojokan which is one of his most recent movies.