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Who is Omoge Lekki? Biography/Profile/Interview With Nollywood Actress “Nkechi Blessing Sunday” (aka OMOGE LEKKI)


Meet Yoruba actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday better known as Omoge Lekki, may have not been that long in the Nigerian movie industry, but within her short journey, she has been able to carve a niche for herself.Blessing (11)
Nkechi Blessing whose striking physical quality is her curves?
Yinka Quadri got a lap dance from Nkechi Blessing in the movie, Omoge Lekki. Social media was agog with various remarks when the trailer of the movie was released.

VIDEO: Omoge Lekki (Trailer)

Omoge Lekki is a movie that portrays the fake life of girls from poor backgrounds who reside in Lekki. Yinka Quadri plays the role of an ‘Aristo’, while Nkechi plays the role of a runs girl who made Yinka Quadri release one of his cars to her “In the movie, Yinka Quadri happens to be my sugar daddy that I usually borrow cars from to flaunt.Blessing (12)

Yinka Quadri is a professional, who delivered his role well. He didn’t get any hard on, while shooting that part. Giving him that lap dance was for him to release one of his cars. The lap dance scene was the best part of the whole movie. Apart from acting, another thing I am good at is dancing. “She says. The movie also features Mide Martins, Yinka Quadri, Nkechi Blessing and a host of others.

The Curvy Nollywood Star Actress, NKECHI BLESSING  bears her mind on personal issues, movie career relationship with Mercy Aigbe in this chat: READ BELOW:

Q: Can u tell us briefly who is Omoge Lekki?
A: Ok,my real names are Nkechi Blessing Sunday. I hail from Abia state in Nigeria.

Q: How did u come about the name..Omoge lekki?
A: The name OMOGE LEKKI is the title of my first ever movie yet to be released, but fans who have seen the trailer took to the name.

Q: Tell us more about the movie OMOGE LEKKI?
A: Omole Lekki movie is story about the fake life Nigerian girls live on the island, expecially Lekki, they live lavish lifestyle without taking care of home, leaving their parents in dirty houses…

Q: Mention few casts from the movie OMOGE LEKKI?
A: Yinka Quadri, Mercy Aigbe gentry, Nkechi Blessing, Jaiye kuti, Mide Martins Abiodun, Biodun Okeowo, Abdulateef Adedeji, Lara Olubo and many more.

Q: People says you are a close pal to Mercy Aigbe Gentry, tell us about the relationship?
A: Hmmmmm, where do I start from! Mercy Aigbe is my role model turned sister, she believed in me, my dream and career, the movie OMOGE LEKKI was her idea and she dropped every penny to make the movie a success. Turned, sister, mother and best friend even tho she’s way older than me.

Q: When should we expect Omoge Lekki in market?
A: Before the end of January 2016 by Gods grace.

Q: Message to fans?
A: In everything you do, always put God first… matter how long it takes when your time comes nothing can stop you from shinning…..

Thank you for your time.
Omoge Lekki: you are welcome.

 Credits: bkmediaconcepts

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