Bowen University Iwo Closed Indefinitely Due To Students Riot

    A riot ensue at Bowen University Iwo in Osun State last night. The riot was said to be over what student call lack of basic amenities like water and light as well as what they term ‘unnecessary rules & regulations’ being made by school management, plus plans to increase their school fees. The boys destroyed school property, vehicles and vandalized their chaplain’s home. While the students were on rampage, the school security personnel fled but the police was eventually called in to calm things down “Bowenites live by rules, sleep by rules, and eat by rules, but not anymore” one student said. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>

    They made sure to destroy most of their classes they defaced the walls by writing abusive languages on them, when a student was questioned on the reason for the whole protest , the student said ; The school has serious light and water issues , They bring the light around 6am and then take it by 8am and then they bring it again around 8pm till 11pm but yesterday they didn’t put on the generator. 

     Boys have been complaining about it all, and then they created food timetable for us again 7-9 am (breakfast),  12- 3 pm (lunch) and  6-8 pm (dinner). As the protest was in process in the school premises yesterday night, security guards came out and started  shooting in the air in order to scare students so they would return to their various hostels

    . In the process some student were caught and put in custody, students went out to protest this morning asking the school authorities to release their fellow students and if they do not release them they were not going to the protest. All students have been asked to leave the school and the students that were caught last night have been released. This is not good for the image of Bowen University atall, and the question ‘what do they use the half a million naira school fees students pay every session for?’ Why can’t the school authorities provide water, electricity, these are basic amenities every human being needs to survive, not to talk about students who should be in a good learning environment.

    Bowen University is a private university owned and operated by the Nigerian Baptist Convention.

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