Brazil’s Painted Streets For World Cup 2014


brazil-ballers_2938489b-1Brazil’s painted streets for World Cup 2014, Fans unable to travel to Brazil can now take a virtual tour of street art painted to celebrate the World Cup, via Google Street View Google’s camera vans were sent on a special World Cup project to preserve on film street art painted to welcome the World Cup. Brazil’s World Cup art is part of a wider project launched by Google to capture street art across the world, using more than 5,000 sweeping images. As most street art is transient, the World Cup murals will not be around for ever, but in this way can be viewed long after fans have returned home. Those not able to get to Brazil can click on the link below and be transported to brightly-painted streets in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte and other host cities.


“Brazil’s street art occupies an interesting space somewhere between the underground and the mainstream,” said Doug Gray, our Rio travel expert. “It is strictly speaking illegal but artists are rarely prevented from painting in public spaces, and commercial tie-ins are becoming increasingly commonplace. “You only have to look at the instantly recognisable work of São Paulo brothers Os Gemeos adorning the Brazilian team’s World Cup aeroplane or Rio-based Bruno Big’s design of the canary on the team shirt for the evidence,”





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