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Breaking News: Kano State base Business mogul A A RANO Pegs PMS Price At N107 per litre in all his filling stations

13177198_540285812817040_8178475221537370606_n Breaking News: Kano base Business mogul A A RANO has officially announced that hence forth he will be selling petroleum products in all his filling stations across Nigeria at the Rate of #107 per litre…..Removal of subsidy has started yielding fruits to Nigerians.aarano

The competition has already started. By the time it is in full force, what has happened in the telecoms industry will be child’s play because there are so many more players in the downstream oil sector. Soon, these importers will also have to compete with Dangote who will be refining 750,000 barrels locally (which is 1.5 times the combined capacity of all 3 NNPC refineries). The common man will be the ultimate beneficiary13254425_1202373903108495_7703537855807578046_n-552x380

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