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Brief Profile Of The Late Comedian Peter Onwuzurike known as Dede one day

Dede One Day

Nigeria suffered a great loss in the face of its comedian Dede One Day. It Was said that high blood pressure killed him. But what else do we know of him?

List of Dede One Day movies:

  • Keke Soldiers
  • Keke Soldiers 2
  • Iron Pant
  • Iron Pant 2
  • Corporate Beggars
  • Corporate Beggars 2
  • My class mate
  • My class mate 2
  • Professional beggars
  • Professional beggars 2

comedian is deadIf you wish to bring back the smile to your face and enjoy some real good comedy, watch some of these movies with Dede One Day. He had a genuine talent for making people laugh and forget their hardships of life.3192539_dede1_jpeg65411a3e4ca8f6d9cf4fbee8a8fd0920

Besides being featured in many Nollywood movies, Dede One Day has had his own comedy show called “Laugh with me”. You can find many episodes of it on YouTube. This show has brought him popularity, as Nigerians love good jokes. He was born and raised in Aba, Abia State in Nigeria. His full name was Dedeoneday Onyehide.

dede one day filmsHis promising career ended in while he was in the midst of life events and making people and laugh and enjoy themselves. He was at a club after carrying out an event and suddenly fell down feeling ill. He had high blood pressure and no doctor could help him to get over the trouble. This person loved life and helped other people to love and enjoy it as passionately as he did. R.I.P.,


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