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Bride-to-be 25 Years Old “Jazmine Howarth” accidentally killed herself trying to ‘go half-way to heaven’

A bride-to-be struggling to cope with the death of her best friend accidentally killed herself after believing she could go “half-way to heaven” in a bid to say a final goodbye.
Jazmine Howarth, 25, claimed she could “control” death and meet up with tragic mum-of-one Dionne Corbett – who died just two weeks’ earlier – before returning “to the land of the living”.

But 24 hours after visiting Dionne’s body in a chapel of rest, Jazmine was found hanged in a community garden near her home by her fiancee, after he followed her out of their home following a row.

It emerged she had penned a string of letters saying she wanted to meet Dionne, also 25, “for one last time”, before coming back so she could “carry on with her life”.

She and Jazmine had been best friends since they were toddlers and even talked about getting pregnant at the same time so they could “go through it all together”.
Following Dionne’s death, a devastated Jazmine, from Radcliffe agreed to speak at the funeral and went with her mother to see her body at the chapel of rest.

Jazmine’s fiance Brendan Cawley told the inquest:

 “They classed each other as sisters, one wouldn’t do without the other. She broke down crying saying, ‘yeh but I promised I would go and get her’.
“She said that she wanted to go and see her, go halfway to make sure she was alright. Two days before she died I woke up in the middle of the night and looked at Jazmine, she was writing on a piece of paper, I said ‘what are you doing’. She said ‘nothing it’s stupid’. I thought in my head that it must be something to do with Dionne.”

On the day of Jazmine’s death, Mr Cawley said they had argued and she ran away from the house, locking the door behind her. He found her body as he went looking for her. Mr Cawley added:

 “I think she kind of expected me to save her.”

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