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Brief Profile & Interview With The First Lady of Bayelsa State, Dr. Rachael Seriake Dickson


Meet The First Lady of Bayelsa State Mrs. Rachael Dickson, Wife of the Bayelsa State Governor “Seriake Dickson”

Excerpt From Her Interview Below:


Congratulations Her Excellency. You are one of those who bagged a doctoral degree in the University of Nigeria. How did you start this journey?

I started about five years ago, before my husband was elected the governor of Bayelsa State.

Today is your graduation day. How do you feel?

I feel very happy, I feel excited today. To me, it is crowning the effort and hard work of many years I have been studying for the doctoral degree. I give God the glory that this tedious effort has finally come to fruition.

By the office you occupy as the First Lady of Bayelsa State, how were you able to find time to attend lectures and also meet your supervisors?

Yes, of course, I have been a lecturer. I am a part-time lecturer with the Bayelsa State University. So, it has been part of me. I am used to studying at night; I am used to marking scripts. So, I know all it takes because I have lectured for many years.

At the completion of your husband’s tenure in office as Bayelsa State governor, would you consider going back to the classroom fully?

I will leave that for God to decide.

What does it take to bag a PhD? 

It really calls for hard work. PhD isn’t something you can get easily; you must put in great effort in it. You must do your research and satisfy your examiner very well before you are awarded Ph.D.


We understand you have a pet project on the girl child. How will the degree add to what you are doing already?

Yes, the project is about the girl child, giving a say to girl child education. It is necessary we understand the importance of educating the girl child in Nigeria and every other place. That is what my project aims at achieving, starting from Bayelsa State. The girl child should be given the best form of education; the education of the girl child holds the key to national development. Everybody should join hand in the advocacy for girl child education because it is the bedrock of our university. I also want to use this opportunity to call on every father to give their daughter a second chance when they make mistakes. They can do better. So having completed my programme now, I will devote more time to this all important crusade because presently the girl child is often relegated to the background, particularly in their education. If given equal attention, the girl child will show some superlative performances even more than the male child. So, they should not be treated less than the male child. Nigerians should rise up to this new clarion call to save the girl child.


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