#BRINGBACKOURGIRLS CHIBOK Girls: The story of Nigeria’s last people to submit to British rule #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS


chibok-map-inset-abducted-girls#BRINGBACKOURGIRLS The story of Nigeria’s last people to submit to British rule. THEY were the last group in Nigeria to submit to British rule. Chibok people, hundreds or perhaps thousands of years ago, were a proud people who lived in and near the rocks, from which they warded off intruders. Historians record that as the gale of colonialism eventually blew across Africa and enveloped the geographical entity today known as Nigeria, these agrarian people did not give in easily to the Europeans.

The land of Chibok is in the tropical savannah. They are an ethnic group in the north-eastern State of Borno. The Mandara Mountains are to the east dividing Nigeria from Cameroun; the Sahara is about 322 kilometres to the north, and the tropical rain forest begins a few hundred kilometres to the south.As of 1968, according to Gerald A. Neher in his book, Life Among the Chibok of Nigeria, the population was estimated to be between 10,000 and 20,000. They are a lot more today.There are several instances in that book of the war-like nature of the Chibok people. In the past, it was said that if a chief in Biu died, the new chief-designate was taken to Chibok for a kind of rite before he was installed in his new position. The new chief-designate would be helped by a Chibok girl to mount a rock (called ‘Muyar Patha’) in Wantaku and an exhortation would be made about him before being taken back to Biu for installation. The coming of the Europeans to the area changed this though, as the people of Biu no longer came to Chibok before installing their chiefs… till this day.    SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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