Bunmi Nelson: Why I am called sexy choco


sexy-chocoBunmi Nelson, popularly known as  Sexy Choco, is an actress, producer, presenter and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of House of Euphoria, a fashion outfit based in Lagos. In this interview the graduate of Theatre Arts from Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos State, speaks on why she took a break from acting, her fashion preferences, among other sundry issues. Excerpts:

Why I have been out of circulation

Sexy choco has been rebranding, besides I have been away on vacation. I also used the opportunity to do a sandwich course on bead-making. Since I came back from vacation, I have been acting and producing movies as well as working on my talk show. Now that I am back, they should be expecting to see a brand new me because a lot has changed. Bunmi Nelson is back with a bang! So they should just watch out.My senior colleague, Bimbo Akintola once joked on the set of a location that I should drop the ‘sexy’ in front of my nickname because  I had gained so much weight but now I thank God all that  is in the past. My vacation was indeed a blessing and the perfect time to cut down all that excess fat so my fans should watch out for my new job that will soon be released. It was shot both within and outside Nigeria.

Also, I have expanded my fashion business as I have been able to acquire more skills on beads, wire-works, accessories of all sorts with embellishments, pearls, gemstones, corals and so on. House of Euphoria is bigger and better now. So, that is what I have been busy working on and my excuse for being out of circulation. Unfortunately, my holiday was cut short due to some health issues because I had to undergo a surgery which wasn’t initially planned for.  SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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