Business Plans for Business Owners by MTN, Etisalat, Airtel And Glo

    To help reduce your costs on Mobile Communication, Spread Media has compiled a list of amazing Business Packages that Nigerian Telecommunication Companies have for Business Owners which offer Great value on Calls and Data. Check out the Amazing Business Packages just for your Business. MTN Business seeks to be the reliable and dependable supplier of business communication solutions to the Nigeria enterprise market. Offering a suite of Voice, Internet, Data and Branch Connectivity Solutions, MTN Business currently serves a teeming number of corporate and Public sector organisation as well as My Office across industry.
    MTN Business Packages include:
    • MTN Closed User Group
    • MTN E-presence
    • MTN Conference call.
    • MTN MyOffice
    • MTN Hynet
    All these services and more are geared towards providing great value and Big Savings for your Business. Remember as a Business Owner, you should try to reduce costs appropriately when running your Business.    SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>>

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    Etisalat Nigeria
    The Easy Business suite which is a one stop shop for the communication needs of SMEs is designed to cater for the needs of various SME segments as it comprises three different plans- Premium, Compact and Complete Plans.
    Etisalat Nigeria has come to terms with the fact that SMEs have limited budgets and have improved their Business Packages so that Business Owners can minimize the telecommunication cost for doing their business. The most interesting part of the EASY BUSINESS Package is that it is easy to use, requires little or no customisation and skill because we understand that business owners are usually busy and may not have the time for high technological products”
    For just N1000 monthly, get:
    • 500 minutes of Free calls within group
    • 100 Free SMS within group
    • 25k/s to call all networks in Nigeria
    • 20k/s to call UK Landline, US, Canada, China and India
    • Up to 4 months free Internet access on select packages
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    Airtel Nigeria introduced Club Business, a specific package aimed at boosting business productivity and profitability.
    Airtel Club Business
    Airtel Club Business Packages supports the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)by providing relevant and affordable telecommunications solutions with exciting discounts on Call and Data.
    Features of Airtel Club Business include:
    • Add 20 airtel lines to yourself to form a club of 20
    • Make calls to your members at 0k/ sec*
    • SMS your club members at N1/SMS
    • Call other airtel numbers at 20k/sec**
    • Call other networks at 30k/ sec**
    • Send SMS at N5/SMS and N9/SMS to other Networks
    *For first 100 minutes within group.
    **After first minute of the day at 60k/sec outside the group.
    For More Information on Airtel Club  Business and how to get started:
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