Businesswoman Wants A Divorce After 10 Years Of Marriage.

    A businesswoman, Turayo Ogboye, on Thursday has asked an Igando Customary Court, Lagos, to dissolve her 10-year-old marriage to her husband, Samuel, for alleged refusal to live up to his responsibilities.“My husband is a lazyman, he has refused to work, he depends solely on me for everything. He has refused to do anything in spite the fact that I had established him on many occasions. “I sold my land in order to set him up in business so that he will be independent but the business crumbled after one month. “After that, I bought a bus for him for commercial purpose but he refused to work with it, instead he put for sale on the bus. “Still, I gave him another money to start selling ladies wears and shoes but he cannot give account of what he used the money for after one week,” Turayo, 40, told the court. The petitioner also told the court that her husband always beat her to the point of death whenever she refused to give him money for food. “He beat me up wherever I refused to give him money for food and I always fainted, it is our neighbours that always rushed me to the hospital. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>

    “I have been the one paying the children’s school fees and also paying the rent before we moved to the house I built,” she said. Turayo, mother of two children, urged the court to dissolve the marriage that she was no longer in interested. According to her, I am tired of feeding and clothing him, please separate us, I have tried my best as a wife. I cannot die because of love and can no longer cope with his beating anymore. The respondent, Samuel, 42, unemployed, accepted the allegation of beating his wife.Samuel said that he resulted to beating his wife because she doesn’t inform him before doing something and that he was always told by outsiders. “Like when she was building her house, she did not tell me, I heard it from people outside that she is building a house,” he said. He alleged that his wife lacked respect for him, adding that she was fond of abusing him calling him a lazy man. The respondent said that he used to take
    care of his children with the little money that came his way. He, however, pleaded with the court not to dissolve the union, saying that he was still in love. In his ruling, the President of the court, Mr R.I Adeyeri, adjourned the case to March 26, for further hearing.

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