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Can Lagos truly become the Dubai of Africa? One message, one vision – watch Sujimoto’s speech & be inspired  

“Coming from a wealthy background is not a guarantee for success, Who would have ever thought that a ‘tailor’ would someday become the richest black woman on earth, or a beautiful bread seller from Ogbomosho, would one day be celebrated and become an inspiration for many young Nigerians? Who says a bread seller cannot become a Flour Mill Owner?

Success takes courage; not luck, because we know that preparation and the capacity to grab opportunities is what makes people ‘LUCKY’ ”. Critics say he is too ambitious, pessimists say his visions are unrealizable, but history will tell the story. ‘One message, one vision’, a great speech by the young, brave and innovative entrepreneur, Sijibomi Ogundele, CEO of Sujimoto Construction at the Private launch of The LorenzoBySujimoto – The tallest residential building in Lagos.​ Watch video below…

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