Censors Board Denies Banning Movie: Half of a Yellow Sun


image83-300x194NFVCB had communicated to the exhibitor of the movie the position of the board. “In a letter dated May 27, 2014 explaining the status of the film and requiring the distributor to expunge or edit some clearly stated objectionable aspects of the movie.’’ It said the management of the board was yet to receive a reply from the exhibitor. It said the reply when received, might facilitate further regulatory actions as might be deemed necessary. It said the board had dutifully exercised due diligence in consonant with section 36 (1) (b) of NFVCB Enabling Law ACT 1993, CAP N40 LFN 2004. It said the act stipulates that “a decision on a film shall ensure that such a film is not likely to undermine national security”. The statement said once the areas highlighted were resolved, NFVCB as a regulator, shall communicate a rating of the film as might be deemed appropriate. “The actions of the board are a routine procedure that is not specific to any production but primarily taken within the ambit of the law.“It is underpinned by the superior logic of safeguarding overall public interest,’’

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