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Character Assassination of Her Excellency the Deputy Governor of Rivers State by Theophilus Utchaychukwu


One Theophilus Utchaychukwu posted on Facebook on the 23rd of March 2016 a post aimed at assassinating the character of Her Excellency the Deputy Governor of Rivers State, alleging that INEC Assistant EO declared Farah Dagogo (Farah) winner under duress in the presence of the Deputy Governor.

He even went further to insinuate that Her Excellency was there present when this Assistant EO was threatened with Rape. As obscene and preposterous as these allegations are, it is germane to note that none of such things took place in Degema and that in the video under review, Her Excellency was not at the INEC office when the results were announced.

She however congratulated Farah Dagogo for his victory at the election and She has every right to do that. The purported video merely joins two different scenes to deceive the public. This is absolute wickedness and is unacceptable.

The post is the handiwork of her detractors and political jobbers and desperate APC supporters who are out to tarnish the good image and integrity of the Deputy Governor and to discredit the elections they lost woefully.

APC did terrible things in the re-run elections and which has resulted in the second phase re-run elections in the State. I urge the general public to ignore the video as it is a deliberate attempt by the APC to discredit the elections. This video is a make believe to deceive the public and draw unnecessary attention to the lies and propaganda of APC.

Written By: Miss Uki Asemota
PA Social Media and Research to the Deputy Governor

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