Chibok Girls: PDP Says Days Of Boko Haram Numbered


    The International rescue mission for the kidnapped Chibok girls has intensified, the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday said the cry of Nigerians over the past few weeks has inspired a global response that will help to number the days of the terrorists.
    However, the ruling party who  hailed some opposition leaders for their posture and utterances against terrorism in the country, however, said it was troubling that some members in the APC “still persists in seeking political capital out of the pains of the missing schoolgirls or other incidents of terrorism.”
    PDP national publicity secretary, Oliseh Metuh, hailed Nigerians for their show of solidarity to efforts geared towards rescuing the abducted Chibok schoolgirls, adding that Nigerians “have not only demonstrated our oneness but also our boldness and determination to surge forward as a people to rescue our land from those who aim to cow us and impose a reign of terror in our nation.
    “It is clear that once we continue to show such unity and solidarity in all our affairs, our nation will emerge stronger and ultimately take its rightful place among the comity of nations. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>>>>

    On the posture of the opposition in the face of the insurgency PDP said, “We note with joy the change of attitude on the part of some opposition leaders whose recent statements indicate that they have realized the harm their past posture and utterances caused the nation.
    “It has remained our publicly stated belief that playing the blame game emboldens insurgents to unleash terror on our people. Though this change of attitude is late, we believe that it is better late than never.”
    “Against the background of the above change of attitude, it is troubling that at a time when all people of goodwill and good sense now speak unequivocally against terrorism in our land, some in the APC still persists in seeking political capital out of the pains of the missing school girls or other incidents of terrorism. This is not only shameful but disgusting, disgraceful and distasteful. It is this gloating that has made many doubt the sincerity of the APC in the fight against terrorism in our country.”
    The spokesman of PDP added that the interest of the nation is paramount, stressing that the unity of the nation and the welfare of all Nigerians remain non-negotiable.
    He added “Nigeria is bigger than any person or group of persons. We shall therefore not relent but continue to guard our unity and ensure that our determination to live in peace as one people under God is not undermined in anyway whatsoever.
    “We urge all Nigerian’s to stand unified and speak up clearly and boldly to condemn terrorism, the time to apportion blame will come, for now, let the terrorists and their backers get the message loudly. All Nigerians are united against terror.”
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