China Bans Television/Film scenes that Show Adultery/One-Night stands or feature Pornographic Content


1415868238161_wps_1_Father_and_Child_watchingTelevision and film scenes that show adultery, one-night stands or feature pornographic content have been banned in China. The country’s media and television regulator has issued a letter to content providers outlining that all content related to sexual abuse, one-night stands, polyamorous relationships and extra-marital affairs must be deleted from video streaming websites. The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television demanded that any program with pornographic content must be removed, reported Sina.  It also said that content depict rape, masturbation, prostitution and necrophilia must also be cut. As part of a government crackdown on pornography, Chinese authorities have ordered content providers to remove all sexually suggestive content. File photo Websites must remove everything, including headlines and pictures, that refer to sex and nudity – as well as plots that show violent murder, suicide, kidnapping, drug abuse, gambling or anything supernatural.  The move has sparked fears that the regulation means audiences in China will have very few television dramas or films to watch.   

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