Chinedu Nwosu Wrote 22 States where General Muhammadu Buhari Will Lose In Nigeria’s 2015 Elections


buhari-vs-jonathan-juicebreedChinedu Nwosu Wrote Here are 22 states where Buhari will Lose:

1. Benue
Benue is a predominantly Christian state in the middle belt. In the last election Jonathan beat Buhari here and clinched over 70% of the votes. Buhari will lose here again this year. The state is run by a PDP government.

2. Kogi
Jonathan soundly beat Buhari in Kogi in 2011. He got 70% of the votes. Kogi has a significant Christian population and is governed by the PDP.

3. Plateau
Jonathan defeated Buhari in Plateau by a wide margin last time. Plateau is mainly Christian and has a PDP government.

4. Abuja
This is the seat of government where President Jonathan is in charge. He grabbed over two-thirds of the votes in 2011 and won comfortably. The federal government-run things in Abuja and this could be a disadvantage to Buhari.

5. Taraba
Buhari only mustered a little number of votes here. Jonathan won in this state last time. It’s a mainly Christian state and the government is PDP.

6. Adamawa
Buhari bowed to Jonathan here in 2011. It’s one of the two states in the northeast where Buhari lost to Jonathan. It’s a predominantly Christian state.

7. Abia
Jonathan won 99% of the votes here while Buhari won less than 1%. The east is Buhari’s worst nightmare. Abia is mainly Christian.

8. Ebonyi
Again Buhari fared woefully here last time. He didn’t even get 1,000 votes here. The PDP is in charge in Ebonyi.

9. Anambra
Anambra is run by the APGA but the people are leaning towards Jonathan. Anambra is the heart of Igbo territory. A Buhari victory is unlikely here.

10. Enugu
Like Anambra, Enugu is the heart of Igbo territory. Jonathan neatly beat Buhari here last time. The general didn’t get 0.5% of the votes here. The people are likely going to vote Jonathan. It’s a PDP state.

11. Bayelsa
A Buhari win in Bayelsa will be a complete miracle. This is Jonathan’s home. He swept virtually all the votes here last time. It is going happen like that again this month,because surely his people will get behind him.

12. Delta
This state is strongly PDP and more likely to vote Jonathan than Buhari. Jonathan won over 98% of the votes here in 2011. Buhari hardly commands any following in this state.

13. Edo
Governor Oshiomhole’s popularity has dwindled in the past few years and so even though the state government is run by Buhari’s party, it’s not certain that the general would take the prize here. Buhari is certain to lose here.

14. Akwa Ibom
Akwa Ibom voted resoundingly for Jonathan in 2011 and it’s a PDP state. Buhari will have a hard time taking this state.

15. Cross Rivers
Cross Rivers has a PDP government. Buhari lost to Jonathan here in the previous election. Jonathan is more likely to win here despite everything.



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