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Christ Embassy LWC( Love World Convocation) & ICLC (International Cell Leaders Conference 2013)

ICLC is a moment where grace and ability is communicated to God’s people through the word of God, A time where instruction is given through the holy spirit, A time of Refreshment and fellowship with other believers all over the world come together in oneness of mind to listen to our Great man of God pastor Chris Oyakihlome PHD. This Experience this year is unforgetable because there has been great result in our spirit already. During this year’s meeting expoits is celebrated, A big Thank You to Pastor Chris for availing this great opportunity  to blessed by God through powerful ministration and teachings of God’s word. maxresdefault
In Christ Embassy,one of the major reasons we have Cell Leaders is because we need overseers over our members, to ensure they are organized in their lives in a way that they can grow as Christians. This is because when Jesus saves you, He makes you His partner in saving others. This means, every Cell Leader is an important partner with Jesus Christ in ensuring more people are reached with the Gospel, and trained to also become partners with Him.
Have you ever asked yourself why you werent rapture immediately you got saved? God could have taken us straightway to Heaven right after we received Christ into our lives, but no, He left us here, empowered us with His Spirit, and made us His partners in saving the world. What glorious partnership!


This glorious partnership brought us the Gospel through the disciples of Jesus. Jesus taught His disciples to teach others what He had taught them when He instructed them to make disciples of all Nations. The disciples preached and taught throughout the generations, and the Word of grew and progressed till it reached us.
Now we are on the scene, and we have the mandate to disciple others, as we were discipled. This is a major reason why we operate the Cell Ministry and organize training programs like the International Cell Leaders Conference, to train ourselves to be more effective in raising others to reach more people, and as we do this, we are effective partners with our Lord Jesus Christ.


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