Christopher Ezekiel Explains: How His Facebook Lover Dies


UntitledChristopher Ezekiel, who is currently being investigated by the Lagos State Investigation Department, SCID, Panti, Yaba over the death of his facebook lover, Adekemi Faboro, has revealed how she died.
Recounting the incident that led to the victim’s death, the father of two said this was actually the second time he was visiting her house in Lagos.
He said:

 “I met her online sometime between September and October 2014 on facebook and we began to chat. Early this year she came to Sagamu to visit me and she spent two days with me. She actually came on Friday and went back to Lagos on Saturday.
“I have an apartment where I work in Sagamu but my wife and children live in another apartment in Ibadan. I came to see her in Lagos around first week of March where I spent the weekend with her. This was the second time I visited her.
“On that fateful evening, we went out, spent quality time together and later retired to her apartment and slept.
‘’At about midnight, she began to complain about headache and then she started coughing. She coughed for a long while. It was when the coughing persisted that I had to go and knock on her next neighbours’ door to help me locate a nearby hospital, since I am not familiar with Lagos terrain.



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