Colombian men’s cycling team kit might be as BAD as women’s ‘naked’ strip


Columbian-Mens-Cycling-TeamThe female team paraded their unfortunately designed kit which at a first glance would have you thinking they were naked from the waist down Shocker: This is the new Columbian men’s cycling team kit.Colombia’s female cycling team have just revealed their controversial new kit this week, but, not to be outdone, the men have been snapped in their very own shocker. Featuring a flesh-coloured strip around the pelvic area, the Colombian women’s kit gives the impression that those wearing it could be naked. But social media users who have suggested it was been designed with a sexist undertone, might be shocked to discover the men will wear a similar getup. The Colombian men’s cycling team’s kit, revealed in a tweet from UltimoKilometro, has emerged a day after the women’s strip hit the headlines. SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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