Be Proud Of Being Single: Common Sense Principles For Singles


couple-bondingNever mourn your singleness; singleness is not a sin, a disease, nor a curse, because there are a lot of people who have allowed themselves to come under pressure, just because they feel the need to come out of the shell of singlehood.

You can be single and be successful, prosperous and anointed. If you are not married, it does not mean your destiny is limited. God makes all things beautiful in his time. We are not created for marriage; marriage was created for us. You will not be sent out of heaven because you are not married. You can be in hell if you marry the wrong person. Psychologists have proved that marrying the wrong person can reduce the quality of your life by 62%.Never take your heart on a journey without your brain because not all that glitters is gold. Many things that look good may also be toxic to your destiny. When your emotion is the driver and your brain is the passenger, accident is inevitable. When you don’t define your relationship, you give room for assumptions. A ‘readymade’ man today can cause you ‘readymade’ trouble tomorrow. Don’t sacrifice your future on the altar of temporary pleasure. Sin is pleasurable but the pleasure lasts for a moment and the displeasure is for eternity. The most beautiful girl in 1960 is an old woman today; nobody reigns forever. Virginity lost today can never be renewed.

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