Content Marketing: The 4 Most Critical Components to Measure & Analyze


content-message-formatContent marketing has gained much traction over the last 18 months and for good reasons. It’s becoming an important part of any organization’s marketing mix and can have an immediate impact on how companies are perceived, as well as their success online.

Content marketing also has an immediate impact on search. The latest updates from Google (e.g., Hummingbird) emphasize even more the importance of producing good content and having good marketing practices in place to promote that content.

What are the various components of content marketing?

At a high level, content marketing has two obvious parts: content and marketing. While marketing practices are relatively known and can be summed by the various tactics in the marketing mix, content is the one that requires a little more explanation.

Content marketing consists of four interconnected components and each of them has an impact on the final result of your content marketing efforts and therefore warrants a different set of measurement and analysis.

Let’s now define those four components and then the metrics and analysis each requires. SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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