Love-Couples-WallpaperPLEASE ADVICE HER ON WHAT TO DO? As She really needs help…

I am in a tight corner right now,..My boyfriend and I dated for about 3years before our One year separation,I decided to call it a quit because I needed time to think as he is always talking of marriage.
I read a book on marriage which advice that I should disconnect myself from every ungoldly relationship.. although he attends Catholic but that doesn’t make him born again..He is really in love with me to the extent of sacrificing anything for me both financially..despite­ the fact that he was a student, he hussles like a man..
I know his family very well because my uncle married his sister,so there is nothing I don’t know about his family..He is Igbo and I am Igbo from the same state.
I aborted a pregnancy for him which was due to our careless..which I did ask God for forgiveness..
After I had left him,I got series of messages,calls from him,he was really heart broken,He couldn’t hold his tears..I realised that I don’t love him as much as he does love me…I decided to move on…
I met this Yoruba guy in my church who served as a mentor to me..we were very close,which led to a relationship..
He is a graduate believing God for a miracle job which God has perfected..I love this guy,His Love for God,His understanding, as he is Word disciplined..
we have known each other for a year now but sometimes I still miss a part of my Ex….I miss the part of what he gives me..
I feel the Igbo guy is more of the hussling the n the Yoruba is just this calm person.
He started selling shoes but you know,sometimes tips me when there is a sale..with #1000..after he removes his tithe.
His siblings are nice people, his mum cool as I have to learn the Yoruba way of greeting.
I find it hard conversing with his mum..maybe I feel shy….
God bless u…I travelled home recently,and I decided to visit my uncle…I found my Ex boyfriend at home..after two days of staying at my uncle’s house we got talking.. as he was surprised to see me.


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