Could there be A “Hillary Clinton-Michelle Obama” Ticket in USA 2016?


041515-centric-news-hillary-clinton-michelle-obamaCould there be a Hillary ClintonMichelle Obama ticket in 2016? If it were up to Isaiah Washington, it would be the presidential dream team of choice. During a segment on “The HuffPost Show,” the Blackbird actor said he would love to see the popular first ladies join forces for the ultimate president and vice president running mates.

“What I think would be interesting is if Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton ran on the same ticket. That’s what I would like to see,” Washington said.

HILLARY CLINTON IS OFFICIALLY RUNNING FOR PRSIDENT : The audience were practically all crickets after hearing his political wish list, to which HuffPost host Roy Sekoff jokingly said, “that one didn’t do well…maybe on Black Twitter.”

Washington was joined by Bob Saget and co-host Marc Lamont Hillwhere the gentlemen discussed how Clinton could keep things exciting her second time around vying for the presidency.

This isn’t the first time the two women have been considered the perfect team for the 2016 Presidential Election. Many political heads have suggested the utopian ticket as a viable choice for America.

“All due respect for President Obama and Vice President Biden, but that would truly be a dream team for America,” said former Clinton spokesperson Karen Finney, according to HuffPost. “Both women are proven effective leaders who’ve raise children, so dealing with Congress would be a snap.”

Unfortunately such a dream team would probably never happen considering Mrs. Obama’s husband is currently still in office. Not to mention, she’s denied that she would ever get into politics after she and the first family moves out of the White House.

But one can still dream, right?

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