Daniel Adeyilaka, Nigeria’s youngest pilot Says: I was the youngest, weakest in my class, now I’m on top



 Look at how young Daniel Adeyileka, aiming for the moon, despite the odd of once being the last in his class, is now a first officer and, according to Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), the youngest pilot in Nigeria.

Daniel Adeyileka is an example of one who is determined to make it to the top, despite all odds.Born to the Adeyileka family on February 6, 1995 in Newcastle, England, he had his primary and secondary school education in Scotland and spent most of his life in various countries including United Kingdom, Indonesia and Scotland.   He had his elementary education in Rose Bank Primary School, Nairn, Scotland, and then moved to Grantown Grammar School, also in Scotland, where he completed his secondary school. In 2008, he came back to Nigeria for his A-levels, enrolled into Avicenna International School, Ikeja, Government Reserved Area (GRA) and graduated in 2009. He equally obtained his A-Levels in Greenville School, GRA and immediately proceeded to the flying school in the US. When he proceeded to Delta Flight School in Texas, Dallas, to obtain his Private Pilot License (PPL) and International General Certificate of Secondary Education, it was not a bed of roses. SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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