Day 59: BBAHotshot Housemates Asked To Mimick/Potray Evicted Housemates Characters


character_medDay 59: BBAHotshot Housemates Asked To Mimick/Potray Evicted Housemates Characters, It was time for the Hotshots to change character yet again. Some of them were becoming frustrated with the task, but there were still a lot of laughs all round as they pulled new personas out of the ninja’s hat.Nhlanhla was excited about his turn as Denzel, telling the housemates that the Jacuzzi was his. Denzel definitely was a big fan of splashing around and looking for mischief in the Jacuzzi. Do you remember this hilarious moment?

Part of the task is trying to dress up as the character they have received and Nhlanhla said Denzel had given him bowties, which he was keen to use to properly portray the Ugandan. Tayo got his countrywoman Lilian and we can’t wait to watch him twerk in true sexy Lily fashion. Sipe has her work cut out for her, pulling yet another male out of the hat. Macky2 will have to channel his feminine side by playing Figgie. At least it will allow him to boss around the other housemates, Figgie-style.JJ will be one to watch as he has to portray Uti. He always goes full-kilter with this task and in Uti he has a big character to portray. Idrisalso loves the role-swopping and Luclay’s personality gives him a lot to work with.

M’am Bea and Butterphly get to stick to being ladies and they have to play a fine pair, portraying lovely ladies Ellah and Laveda respectively. Which character are you looking forward to watching the most?

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