Dbanj’s Turns Farmer Releases ‘Koko Garri’ To Market


    D Banj has now turned to an agriculturist, he announced the release of ‘Koko Garri’ into the market yesterday and it’s been met with different reactions from his fans. Read some of people’s comments below:

    1. otushhhh What makes Koko Garri different from any other Garri???
    2. ayehin Pls make sure that the average man can afford it too so your products can go round the country
    3. @otushhhh @ekaibom I bet you guys have never travelled outta dis country before well do you guys think wheat started from coming in packs or do you think all rice and beans come in sacks well u all should just learn to explore new things am 100percent sure this is gonna sell cos it’s gonna be a good export outsyd naija.if u don’t believe in urself do not mock others that it’s giving new things a trial.. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>>>>
    4. babadee005Coperate office workers will surelu die for dis, we’v bin xpectin somtin like dis for a while now.
    5. itsdmayor@Iambangalee This shit ain’t gonna move!!! Garri is garri that’s the koko
    6. shadiaftamat@iambangalee abeg we need am for southeast asia. nija selln here r rubbish.God bless ur effort..oshey
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