Relationship Corner Men: Tell The Truth, Would You Say Yes To This Proposal


Please provide a suitable question for this, Answer anonymously so no one knows it’s you but please do answer sincerely. In the last few days, I’ve asked a few guys this question…and to tell you the truth, I was astonished by the answers I got. So I decided to bring it here to see what other guys will say. Something similar actually happened to someone I know. Here’s the question. You’re straight. You’ve never fantasized about being with a man, in fact you’re quite homophobic and don’t understand the concept of homosexuality. Then a rich gay guy approaches you. OK, pause. If you’re rich or even very comfortable, then this question is not for you. I’m talking about broke, student, down and out and in need of money. That kind of scenario etc. So this rich gay man propositions you. Have sex with him with you being the top please google this, No one will ever find out and you will get N2million. How many of you straight men here (saying gays must be jailed) will say yes? Be anonymous. Be sincere. The rest of you will probably be shocked by the answers.

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