Relationship Corner: Injustice At The Hand Of The Nigerian Police


A Reader has said he and five of his friends were wrongfully detained by the Nigerian Police Force simply for discussing and analysing Nigeria’s political situation at their neighbourhood bar. Sounds strange to me but read his story below and share your opinion in the comment section. It was around 4pm on Friday afternoon. A group of us – six young graduates, some of whom have been unemployed for years thanks to a broken system – sat nursing our choice of beverages at our neighbourhood bar Onishaga International Hotel in Akesan, as we fervently debated our latest political quandary: the celebration of Nigeria’s centenary in the face of terrorist attacks in Northern Nigeria. As was our tradition, we argued the merits and pitfalls of our Government until we reached a consensus. On this particular afternoon, unbeknownst to us, a group of undercover policemen had infiltrated the hotel bar. They listened attentively to our heated debate, then, without warning or reason, arrested us at gunpoint. We were led, guns to our heads, our hands raised like wanted criminals, subjected to humiliation and ridicule in front of our peers into the unmarked police vehicle. We were powerless against these police officers. Our protests fell on deaf ears. We had no choice but to fall in line. SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>

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