Demi Lovato Finishes Her Neon Lights Tour With Two Big London Gigs


article-2645155-1E6451C400000578-749_634x869Demi Lovato made sure she went out with a bang  two bangs in fact as she performed two concerts within 24 hours. At 2am on Saturday night, or Sunday morning as it were, Demi took to the stage for the penultimate gig at G-A-Y, for the last time on this tour.  Little wonder then Demi tweeted between gigs: ‘Before I do my show, can I take an 8 hour nap? Is that possible?’ The final gig was an all ages concert at Koko in London on Sunday night where Demi was on stage at 6:30pm dressed in ripped jeans, a T-shirt with lingerie showing and a long sweeping jacket. Demi is wasting no time, recently announcing her first world tour, beginning September 6 in Baltimore, Maryland.  Dates have been announced through October, during which she will hit various big North American cities such as Chicago, San Diego, Miami, and Denver.  Demi recently opened up on ITV’s about her sense of purpose as a public figure.  The singer, who has been admitted to rehab for eating disorders in the past, said: ‘It’s important for me to be open about my health and things I’ve been through cause I’ve realized when I was younger, I didn’t have anybody in the public eye to look up to that I admired.‘I didn’t have anybody who was setting a good example about real stuff. Had I had someone in the public that I really admired come out and say “it’s ok that you’re not dealing with stuff well”… I want to be that person.’



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