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How to Disable/Eliminate Ads in BBM Status

After its launch BBM version of Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BB10 various interesting features including the latest pinned i.e remove and cancel BBM messages are already sent to BBM contacts. The launch of BBM to Android, iOS, Windows Phone for free is not separated from business expansion Blackberry such as sales and advertising sticker on fuel.


As we know advertising is displayed in the Blackberry BBM Status, for some people this might be a bit annoying ads. For those of you who are a bit annoyed with this ad Blackberry gives you the option to remove the ads in your BBM status.

How to Remove Ads in BBM Status:

To remove these ads, here we provide the full tutorial.

1. Select the ad you want to block or want to get rid of your BBM status, then press right on the ad. See

2. During the process of pressing not too fast because if just a touch will go to the web link of the ad. Once ina long press menu will appear
3. Choose an ad block in your BBM status by pressing the Block button.

4. Select the Block on the column as shown above, keep in mind if you press this menu automatically ads will disappear from your BBM status. It is necessary to know also is to block ads should be done one by one only.



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