DJ Cuppy Explains Why She’ll Never Get Married


HOC-308 The billionaire heiress life has just too many distraction but; is marriage one of them? Billionaire heiress, DJ Cuppy might never be getting a ring on it anytime! In a recent interview with Ono Bello, the fast rising Nigerian DJ (real name is Florence Otedola) said life has just too many distractions and it’s so easy for people to get distracted by the background stuff and forget to focus on what really matters; “which is the music.” So when asked if marriage could be one of those ‘distractions’,Cuppy unveiled the most shocking response ever! She said:

“I’m single… And will probably be forever and ever, Haha! I think I’m a bit too career driven to date anyone. But if I did, baking together would be fun… and getting proposed to at Disneyland ofcourse! Haha!” So, who will marry DJ Cuppy now?

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