DJ Cuppy Says People Don’t Believe She’s Actually The DJ



Ifeoluwa Florence Otedola, popularly known as DJ Cuppy is gradually working her way to being a household name in the showbiz industry. The billionaire’s daughter recently became a graduate of the prestigious King’s college London. The beautiful 21 year-old is not taking any rest from studying as she has been admitted into New York University for her second degree program in Music Business. She spoke on her plans for the future and how far she’s willing to go as a Disc Jockey. Really, what do you do?  (Smiles) Just to give you an idea of what I do and what I hope to do, I’ll start by talking about how where I stand at the moment. I’m a female Dj, a songwriter, and a producer. I just graduated from Kings College, so am now able to do this full time and very professionally too, because I realize trying to move forward in the entertainment industry and growing your brand requires a level of structure and commitment. So for me, it’s fun, exciting and to be honest, there are a lot of great things that I want to do, my dreams are probably bigger than me. When did you start out as a DJ? I started out as a DJ when I was 16 years old, I’ve always loved music right from my childhood, and I loved schooling as well, because I was taught to know the value of education, so for me education is very important, and as much as knowledge is power, I also believe that chasing your dreams is very important, and I feel very honored when I hear people say to me that am such a great example of someone that has been able to be educated as well as chasing my dreams all at the same time. I’ve started my own company, which does publishing and management, but for now ‘cuppy’ is the first brand of the company. Looking at my journey now, I guess I’m at a place where I just released my new music compilation called ‘House of Cuppy’, I’m really going for it and the journey has been pretty interesting so far. As a songwriter, what have you done? Yeah, I dropped my first official single in July 2013, the song is titled ‘I love my country’ and it’s quite good, I sampled Tunji Oyelana’s chorus in the song. I’ve lived half of my life in Nigeria and the other half in the UK, so with my music, I reflect both cultures, I’m very passionate about ‘House Music’, so wherever I find myself, I take a piece of Nigeria with me and I’m constantly playing Nigerian music, and I do mix them with other types of music which I think makes me unique as a DJ.

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