Do Want to get ahead at work & live longer? Stand Up at your desk: Top Doctor claims


1406493687483_wps_1_FML_Desk_Treadmill_Chloe_Do Want to get ahead at work & live longer? Stand up at your desk: That’s what a top doctor claims.How can you make people think that moving around is cool? This is the question that’s haunted me for more than 20 years.As a scientist and doctor, I’ve devoted my life to studying the terrible consequences of sitting on our bottoms for hours on end. Most of us do it without realising we’re also significantly increasing our risk of cancer, heart disease, obesity and other horrible conditions. Believe me, there’s little I wouldn’t try to get people moving again. That’s why I  am a respectable scientist ended up stripping off in front of one of the most powerful businessmen in the world.

So now we had a holy grail — making people actively want to move around for two and a quarter hours more each day. One answer, at least, seemed obvious. We needed a motivational technology to measure how much non-exercise movement a person did in his everyday life. Plus it needed to be cool, so even teenagers would use it.

After 17 emails, I got an appointment with Tony Fadell, a vice-president of Apple. Which is how I came to find myself at Apple HQ , sweating profusely in front of Fadell and his staff, and painfully aware that I had just one shot at achieving my goal. As I started to explain the results of our research, I slowly began to strip. By the time I was down to my swimming trunks, from which various wires protruded, the whole room had plunged into silence.SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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