Jonathan GoodluckDr. Idris Ahmed writes For many years, this pathological liar and war criminal has been global trotting masquerading himself as “Dr” Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. CUPS can now reveal that the Nigerian president is a actually a scammer and criminal imposter. 10624863_794764353946307_6236808905045195959_nUsing the Freedom of Information Act, on 02/02/2015, the Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law wrote the University of Portharcourt where Jonathan is supposed to have done a PhD research in Zoology, demanding full particulars of his supposed PhD research activities (See their attached letter).


On 26/02/2015, the office of the Vice Chancellor of University of Portharcourt responded to the Institute of Human Right’s request with a letter containing damn right lies, barrage of flimsy excuses, and dodgy arguments as to why they are not obliged to release Jonathan’s PhD particulars (See attached letter from University of Portharcourt).

Going by these revelations, it is now evidently clear is that Mr. Jonathan has NEVER achieved any PhD in zoology at University of Portharcourt. For a man who relies on alcohol to function, it is inconceivable that this most dangerous of Blackmen of all time would have had the intellect and composure to pursue such a prestigious academic endeavour. Make no mistake about it, if Jonathan had indeed obtained a PhD in zoology as claimed, University of Portharcourt will at the earliest opportunity organise a world press conference to showcase his PhD certificate, if not for the purpose of clearing the tyrant’s tarnished image, the University would do so to attract for themselves a global publicity. The fact remains true that this PhD certificate simply does not exist.

Jonathan, we know that you are a pathological liar, a thief of grandeur proportions, a religious and tribal bigot, a divisive leader and a war criminal, nonetheless we at CUPS plead with you to stop damaging Nigeria’s image any further by calling yourself “Dr” Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Enough is enough of making Nigeria a laughing stoke among the league of nations!

May God save Nigeria and Nigerians. Amen.

Dr. Idris Ahmed.

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