Ebola is in America Photos: (Ebola outbreak in West Africa)


imagesDonald Trump is tweets that “We should not be importing (Ebola) to our homeland.An Indiana congressman is worried that refugee children from Central America could pose a public health risk with “Ebola circulating.” And the Twitter-sphere is filled with people asking “how can we bring these patients to America,” complaining that “We don’t have enough problems in America! Let’s import Ebola patients!” and speculating that treating them here is “highly irresponsible.” But the actual possibility of catching Ebola is incredibly remote. It’s a terrifying disease for sure. It typically kills 90% of the people who get it, and this most recent outbreak is the largest in history. But you don’t need to panic, experts say, and you definitely don’t have to worry about the two American Ebola patients who are being treated in Atlanta. SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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