Ebola Now Causes Trouble In Relationships


EBOLA 4The outbreak of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease has started distorting social and economic life in Nigeria. Many motorists and travellers on the Lagos-Benin Expressway are familiar with Ohosu, a small community well known for its rows of roadside canteens. Travellers often stop briefly at these canteens to savour the delicacies and other culinary wonders that they offer.

Most visitors are lured to the place by the promise of a delicious meal of eba or starch with banga soup and bush meat. On a good day, the canteens would be crowded and the diners would have to wait patiently for their turn to be served.

But, last Thursday, familiar crowds of famished and weary travellers were curiously absent.While the aroma of cooking hung heavy and heady in the air, a group of female attendants engaged in a competition of a sort to attract the attention of the few customers that stopped by for lunch..It, who was on his way to Ekpoma in Edo State, settled in one of the canteens, alongside three other travellers: a man and two women. No sooner had one of the attendants approached the women to take their orders than a mild drama ensued. SEE MORE ON PAGE2

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