Ekiti State Sworn In Governor Elect Ayo Fayose


fayose-court-ekitiEkiti State Sworn In Governor Elect Ayo Fayose. Today is a big day for the Ekiti people because the new governor Ayo Fayose will be sworn in today. There’s general excitement around the state, and people are really looking forward to the inauguration and the start of the new administration. There had been an evening curfew for about two weeks before now, but when the governor-elect declared the curfew over on Monday and encouraged people to go about normally, businesses and other activities quickly resumed. People gladly complied even though the sitting governor hadn’t approved this move. This demonstrates how popular the new governor is in comparison to the outgoing one.

Sources say King Sunny Ade was at Fountain Hotel in Ado Ekiti, the capital, last night to entertain Fayose and his supporters ahead of today’s ceremony. There’s celebration in Ado Ekiti at the moment.

Jide in Ado-Ekiti says, “People have been celebrating since the week began. We will troop to the stadium today to support our governor. It’s a very special day for us! We hope that Fayose will perform better than the incumbent governor, but then we’ve seen his works when he was formerly governor and so we have some confidence.”

In other parts of Ekiti, supporters of the new governor have mobilised to be at the stadium in Ado to cheer the governor as he takes over.   SEE MORE ON PAGE 2

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