Video/Photos: Elder Peter Orubebe Interrupts Professor Attahiru Jega As INEC Releases More Results


upload_2015-3-31_11-40-39Nigeria woke up early today in anticipation of the results of the presidential polls, which was rescheduled for 10am this morning. The collation process, which was already delayed beyond 10am as promised, By professor Attahiru Jega’s delayed arrival seems to have hit another snag as a PDP member has caused a ruckus in the collation centre.11096491_851140678277693_3822262317786075561_n

The man, whose name has been given as Elder Peter Orubebe (believed to be a PDP representative at the collation centre) has loudly called Jega a tribalist who has been compromised, while he called for a cancellation of elections in the North (specifically, Kano.)  “Let the world know that Jega is a tribalist and he is compromised!” he yelled repeatedly.

The Former minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Peter Godday Orubebe, has accused Jega of being partisan and partial during the announcement of results of the presidential election at the International Conference Center Abuja. As the election result announcement were about to commence, Orubebe addressed the audience, saying the Peoples Democratic Party will not accept the results of Kano, Kaduna and Jigawa.

He accused Jega of being partisan and partial, stating that he addressed the complaint of the All Progressives Congress regarding the Rivers state election, but has refused to accept the petition of the PDP about the results from Kano, Kaduna and Jigawa.

Orubebe screaming at the top of his voice that the ruling party had lost confidence in the INEC Chairman. He said, “We are not confident in what you are doing. You are very partial. APC complained about about Rivers and you answered them but you refused to answer our complaints. We have lost confidence in you. We don’t believe in you anymore. You have been compromised and we cannot take it.You are partial and are tribalistic.

Holding a microphone and in full screen glare, the man leveled accusations of electoral malpractice in favor of the opposition, while professor Jega himself remained seated, smiling calmly despite it all.  When Jega attempted to respond to the allegations (“you have made accusations against me, can I respond now?”), Orubebe kept interrupting, saying “you cannot respond here; go to your office and respond!”


Watch The Live Coverage below:

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