Election Music Lyrics By Museke: Vote For Me

    Native Funk Lords
    Vote for me
    Chorus 2x 

    Vote for me, make I chop president
    Vote for me, I want chop president
    Vote for me, make I chop president
    I go make you vice president, vice president   SEE MORE AFTER CUT>>>>>>>

    Verse 1 

    If I come power, everything go be alright
    Beh you see what I dey talk, eno be say lie
    This one I no fit take confidential
    Several times, u dey suffer, no rescuer
    Kenkey price go come down, no more suffer
    Mission 88, stroke 4, better plan
    Different sense, inside one man
    No more promise and fail, no delay
    I fit sanction you, you sef u go bow
    Santo professor, no more killer disease
    Mosquitoes for the yard, all go freeze
    Kofi Annan sef see me yesterday for advice
    Because he say my advice be nice
    Esay make I give am advice
    School fees, I see free school fees
    The whole world embassy, free visa
    Aletse pimp, tene dig it, I be the greatest
    Number one hustler, eh no confess
    Oyebo, take come, you’ll understand
    Forex bureau, two cedis for ten dollar
    Black market, give and take, basaa
    Cedis go pass dollar rate, no be fool
    See how u dey hunger, pikin, no be good
    Fuel price, I go hit am, one time
    Hospital bills go dey back line
    Na proper freedom and justice go die

    Repeat Chorus 2x
    Verse 2 

    All the time tea go flow for your water pipe
    Na Bubra, any night, after 11:30
    Door to door delivery of cocoa on holiday
    Kaakaamotobi go dey everyday, masquerade
    U go fit chop for free, with poor alele
    If u dey line for trɔtrɔ, free kelewele
    Fresh big bread in your mailbox, tele
    Phone, mobile, free with every jeans you buy, pelepele
    Or Amani go sew police demma sheda
    Whether silk or leather, them all go dress better
    The villages, them all go get airport
    Therefore, Vote for me cuz I go buy you Concorde
    Or 747, step in to my country
    Foreigners free transport, so come come see
    Investors, take am come, we get security
    Fetish priest go curse you if you flee
    If you get chao ideas, I go fit make you chief
    Believe say for fountain for Kwame Nkrumah Circle
    Go flow champagne, everyday no be yogo
    The real thing, Diamonds for the seashore
    Search the sand, if you don’t find, don’t bore
    Cuz I want you for office, the one I promise
    You sign for my name, huh, you dey my list
    At long last, the battle has ended

    J A K E

    Ghana is free forever
    Vote for Jake, I want chop president
    If I dey on top, I go rule non-stop
    E no be DD of OPP
    This be NFL, the party with a plan
    Combat the native, the real black man
    Eyo, no be bog, ebe say me I be tough
    The things I dey talk, chale, e no be mouth
    Talk no dey play, all go dey pay
    Schools no go suffer, my fears go be tougher
    Give me the power, I go make van de shower
    Money go dey flow, ego dey flow every hour
    Makola market, I go foot carpets
    You no vote for me, sea go come down
    Do what I want, I go share dough around
    I see say you make ready
    To see the First Lady
    She no fit come around, cuz she, she dey study
    GPP go retinue all early
    Give me the votes, give me the chance
    Show me the routes
    I go do things, you no see before
    We go chop pesewas, currency no go fall
    People dey go chill, them go chill too much
    Parties go dey happy till dem day 6th March
    Make you reason up, make I chop president
    I go make you First lady, vide president
    Ghana is our beloved country
    Ghana is free forever

    Repeat Chorus till fade
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